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Welcome to TrueCourt, the source for professional quality tennis courts, basketball courts or multi-sport game courts for home or business. We specialize in the design and construction of recreational amenities for indoor and outdoor use. The applications are as varied as our clients and the games they play:

• Tennis • Basketball
• Volleyball • Hopscotch
• Soccer • 4-square
• Badminton • Pickleball®
• Shuffleboard • Paddle Tennis

You can practice your favorite court-based games anytime you want right in your own back yard. It’s the perfect way to get some enjoyable exercise with family, friends and neighbors. No more car trips to a distant practice facility, and you can easily keep an eye on the kids from the kitchen window.

TrueCourt’s low-maintenance all-weather safety surface helps protect against injuries. The unique design of TrueCourt game court tiles offers just a touch of vertical and horizontal “give,” reducing stress on bones and joints – all while providing excellent play characteristics and underfoot feel.

The open design of our outdoor game court tiles means water quickly drains away, so play can resume shortly after a rainstorm. In the fall, use a leaf blower to easily clear the court for game action.

A TrueCourt game court is a practical investment in your home. You can choose a dedicated basketball court or tennis court, or a multi-use game court, in a variety of sizes and colors. Each TrueCourt game court is a full turnkey custom build designed to fit your sporting preferences, your yard and your budget. And every TrueCourt game court offers a 10-year limited warranty.

It's fun, it's safe and it's healthy. What could be better?



TrueCourt game courts
offer fun for the
whole family.

We can make any size / style
TrueCourt  game court
for your home or business.


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