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About our philosophy
We take great pride in offering service and quality of the highest standard. We believe that attention to detail is a critical element of service and quality. Our experience has enabled us to develop installation techniques and specifications that work. 

Members of the TrueCourt team also understand that details make the difference; ranging from the quality of materials to the finer points of your particular installation. (Where to park our vehicles? When to call your house? What about the dog, or other pets?) 

Indeed, we consider all the little things that make a big difference. We want the construction of your game court to be an enjoyable experience, not a major disruption. Our goal is to be the most professional construction related company you have ever hired.

About your property
TrueCourt's goal is customer satisfaction. We offer a range of services to provide our clients the option of having related work coordinated by us. Most commonly those services include the following:

    Landscape design and installation 
    Irrigation system modifications 
    Lighting systems / extended electrical service 
    Tree removal / shrub relocations 
    Retaining walls / drainage modifications 
    Other associated site work 

Accordingly, we have developed a network of proven, experienced contractors that specialize in these areas.




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