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The place for for family fun and fitness
The TrueCourt game court is the place for family fun and fitness. Play up to 15 different games, promote teamwork and sportsmanship, entertain family and friends, and know where the kids are. 

Safest surface
The shock absorbing characteristics of a TrueCourt game court deliver unsurpassed game performance, plus player comfort and safety by helping reduce joint trauma in ankles, knees and lower back.

Built just for you
Choose a game court dedicated to your favorite game, or one you can use for multiple sports. We custom build your game court to fit your lifestyle, your yard and your budget.

Design/Build Service
In addition to creating an environment for safe family fun, we also strive to add lasting value to your home. To that end, we start with a plan. We work diligently to integrate your game court system into your current landscaping theme, and thereby increase the value of your home. Your new TrueCourt game court will be a luxurious addition to your home, yet prove to be a practical investment. 
And just plain fun!

A Note About Pricing
While it is impossible to create an accurate project quote without visiting your site, prices for components used to complete a project are available on the TruePlay Sports pricing page. TruePlay Sports is a division of the TrueSports Network.



We love our TrueCourt
game court, and so do
our neighbors. We know
where the kids are,
and what they're doing.


     Play many games:
       •Paddle Tennis
and many others!


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