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Style, economy, safety
From basketball to tennis to volleyball, TrueCourt provides the ultimate underfoot for a broad variety of activities, and does so with style, economy and safety in both indoor and outdoor installations.

Durable and low-maintenance
For any commercial application, durability and maintenance are top considerations and TrueCourt excels at both. For example, in almost any court retrofit, TrueCourt will serve far longer than the surface it is upgrading. And TrueCourt is exceptionally low-maintenance, requiring little more than cursory care.

Custom built
Every TrueCourt installation is a custom build, meant for hard, regular use over a long period of time. For the user, the surface provides a safe response to game activities, reducing joint trauma with vertical and lateral "give." For the court owner, TrueCourt is an innovative, economically sound enhancement to any property.

A Note About Pricing
While it is impossible to create an accurate project quote without visiting your site, prices for components used to complete a project are available on the TruePlay Sports pricing page. TruePlay Sports is a division of the TrueSports Network.



Retrofit your worn
court surface with
 TrueCourt - looks and plays like new!

Rain quickly drains away;
 tile height eliminates
"birdbath" backsplash,
provides more playing time.




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