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Is a TrueCourt game court expensive?
A TrueCourt game court is an investment, a quality improvement to your home. It may well appreciate in value. In addition you and your family will enjoy hours of fun and fitness! TrueCourt is an innovative, economically sound enhancement to your property and a great use/value return for your family, friends and neighbors.

How long does the installation take?
We install TrueCourt game courts year round. Weather is a factor. However, the installation of a game court normally takes about 2 weeks of actual construction. 

First we work with you to design the game court. Then we clear and prepare the site, including leveling and compacting the area. Next, we set concrete forms, set the anchors for basketball systems, place and finish the concrete slab. Once the concrete is ready, we install the basketball systems, suspended surfacing, lights, nets and containment netting. Then you are ready for years of family fun and entertainment!

What happens to my yard during construction?
We take whatever measures are required to protect your property during construction. We advise you of various options to that end. Some options may increase the cost of getting materials to the site, but still be the better choice with regard to protecting your yard.

Over the years we have done installations on many beautiful properties. We appreciate the care and expense invested to design, build, and maintain them. We take the time to determine the best way to get your game court built with minimal disruption.

Why use concrete?
Concrete allows us to build a better game court. One of our chief concerns is durability, and steel reinforced concrete meets that goal. On a TrueCourt game court you will experience years of enjoyment because we used the combination of a concrete base for a durable foundation and a suspended sports surface for player comfort and safety.

Why use steel in the concrete? 
Using steel reinforced concrete is important. Our normal concrete specification is 4 inches of 4000-psi concrete installed over a sub-base of crushed stone or sand. We use half-inch #4 steel rebar 24" on center each way as reinforcement. When the two products are properly integrated they create a much stronger and more durable support structure than either alone.

Why use crushed stone at all?
n colder climates, where ground water can find its way under concrete and freeze, we use several inches of crushed stone. This allows water to freeze within the gravel without heaving the concrete. Thus, the concrete can survive repeated freeze-thaw cycles without failure.

What about drainage?
Site evaluation and attention to drainage are important steps in building a quality game court. We investigate and address existing landscape drainage issues before construction begins. 

Is it difficult to keep my game court in working condition?
Durability and maintenance are top considerations and TrueCourt excels at both. Our game court surface requires very little maintenance. When necessary, clean it with a leaf blower, or remove the snow with a snow blower or shovel and it's ready for play virtually year-round. A 10-year limited warranty means a worry-free amenity.

Why does a TrueCourt game court offer better game performance?
Our - inch shock absorbing suspended surface reduces player fatigue and provides better ball rebound. The TrueCourt Premier Suspended Court Surface is better for tennis, basketball or any other traditional hard court activity.

My current tennis court is cracked and weeds are growing through. Can you help?
The advantages of retrofitting your existing concrete or asphalt court with TrueCourt Suspended Surfacing are many. You will eliminate unsightly cracks, puddles, stains and patches. You will eliminate down time due to puddles because rain quickly drains away. Annual maintenance and repair costs are dramatically reduced. And the overall reduction of knee, ankle, and lower back injuries and fatigue is a benefit for everyone.

I don't have much room in my back yard. How do I know if a TrueCourt game court will fit?
At TrueCourt, we custom build your game court to fit your yard and your budget. We build your game court to play the games you and your family prefer, while fitting your yard and your budget. It's the place for family fun and fitness! We have many sizes, designs and game options available.

How will my game court fit within my landscaped backyard?
In addition to creating an environment for safe family fun, we also add lasting value to your property. We work diligently to integrate your game court system into your current landscaping theme, and thereby increase the value of your home. Your new TrueCourt game court will be a luxurious addition to your home, yet prove to be a practical investment.





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