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A wide variety of accessories make your TrueCourt game court fun for the whole family!
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TrueCourt offers several game court accessories to enhance the playability of your TrueCourt game court amenity.

A rebounder allows one player to practice all sorts of shots, not just tennis but lacrosse, soccer and even baseball. If you're serious about your game, this is one of the best training tools available, much better than a fixed wall. It allows the player to move closer to the net - tightening the shot pattern, yet gives the player time to get set and concentrate on proper form for the return shot. Builds accuracy and stamina.

A ball containment system means you'll spend more time gaming and less time chasing after a loose ball, especially if your game court is located near a slope. Highly recommended. Powder coated black steel framing and black nylon netting help our ball containment system blend into the background. 

Sturdy vinyl-coated chain link fencing around your court is available for a measure of security, keeping things in or out. Or you may prefer decorative wooden fencing. Quite simply, each TrueCourt is a custom build, and we want to build your court the way you want it.

A net adjustment system is perfect for all games that need a net. Place it low for tennis or paddle tennis, raise it to play badminton or volleyball. One net, many games!

Our light systems flood bright, even light onto your game court and extend play time well into the evening hours. If your budget permits, we recommend a two (or more) pole multi-lamp system to reduce shadows on the court area.

Add our top quality fixed height or adjustable basketball goals for superior hoops action. Our basketball goals have heavy steel poles supporting 1/2-inch thick clear acrylic backboards that give excellent rebound characteristics.

Soccer goals and Lacrosse goals are also available.

Don't forget to add ramp edging around the perimeter of your game court. It eases transition from game court to substrate, plus makes the game court wheelchair accessible.



Our basketball goals
feel and play just like
indoor gym equipment

Multiple court colors
Color Chart (PDF)


Our third-generation
rebounder is an excellent
training tool.


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